17 NSU18MHL Players Selected for Canada Games

17 NSU18MHL Players Selected for Canada Games

17 NSU18MHL players have been selected to represent Nova Scotia at the upcoming Canada Games. The games are scheduled to take place across Prince Edward Island, February 18th - March 5th, 2023.


The League is well represented, with at least one player from every team making the roster. 16 of them will play for the male team, while Cape Breton West Goaltender Rhyah Stewart will compete on the female team.


Cape Breton West Islanders 

 - Rhyah Stewart

 - Jack Hayne


Halifax Macs 

 - Luc Legere

 - Maddex Marmulak


Cole Harbour Wolfpack

 - Luke Dooley

 - Connor Foston

 - Ben Lindsay


Valley Wildcats 

 - Luke Foley


Weeks Majors

 - Logan Roop

 - Lane Sim

 - Owen Conrad

 - Kingsley Austin


Dartmouth Steele Subaru 

 - Cole Chandler

 - Jacob Rhyno


Sydney Mitsubishi Rush

 - Luke Sinclair

 - William Stonehouse


South Shore Mustangs

 - Cohen Stoddard