44 Players Selected in 2024 MHL Draft

44 Players Selected in 2024 MHL Draft

The 2024 MHL entry draft saw 44 NSU18MHL players selected, the highest total since 2020! Will Shearer of the of the Halifax Macs was the 1st overall selection, picked by the Campbellton Tigers, while the Macs also led the draft with 9 players selected, the most of any organization. 


Sydney Mitsubishi Rush and Cole Harbour Wolfpack (now the Hunters) each had 7 players selected.


The full list of picks is as follows:


Round 1:

Will Shearer - Halifax Macs, pick 1, Campbellton Tigers

Owen O’Donnell - Steele Subaru, pick 3, Yarmouth Mariners

Jace Evans - Steele Subaru, pick 5, Truro Bearcats

Cohen Pictou - Cape Breton West Islanders, pick 7 , Weeks Crushers

Owen Bell - Cape Breton West Islanders, pick 9, Weeks Crushers


Round 2:

Angus Proctor - Halifax Macs, pick 13, Valley Wildcats

Noah Tanner - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush, pick 17, Truro Bearcats

Max Hanley - Bage Valley Wildcats, pick 21, Valley Wildcats

Will Cole - Cole Harbour Wolfpack (Hunters), Vpick 22, Valley Wildcats


Territorial Round 1:

Luke Forse - Bage Valley Wildcats, pick 25, Valley Wildcats

Jacob Hartlin - Halifax Macs, pick 26, Grand Falls Rapids

Matthew Merryweather, Weeks Majors, pick 29, Truro Bearcats

Noah Muse - UPS Store South Shore Mustangs, pick 30, Yarmouth Mariners

Charlie Benigno - Cole Harbour Wolfpack (Hunters), pick 31, Weeks Crushers

Ryder MacQueen - Steele Subaru, pick 35, Edmonton Blizzard


Round 3:

Cole MacLeod - Cole Harbour Wolfpack (Hunters), pick 38, Yarmouth Mariners

Tristan Turner - Halifax Macs, pick 41, Amherst Ramblers

Logan Trewin - Halifax Macs, pick 43, Truro Bearcats

Carter Sullivan - UPS Store South Shore Mustangs, pick 45, Miramichi TImberwolves

Riley Crewman - Halifax Macs, pick 47, Miramichi Timberwolves


Territorial Round 2:

Jesse Sinclair - Bage Valley Wildcats, pick 49, Valley Wildcats

Cole Bent - Cole Harbour Wolfpack (Hunters), pick 52, Fredericton Red Wings

Luke MacEachern - Cape Breton West Islanders, pick 55, Weeks Crushers

Cohen MacIsaac - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush, pick 56, Amherst Ramblers


Round 4:

Brody Dawson - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush, pick 61, Valley Wildcats

Brody Ford - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush, pick 63, Amherst Ramblers

Josh Ingram - Weeks Majors, pick 65, Truro Bearcats

Joseph Breen - Cole Harbour Wolfpack (Hunters), pick 71, West Kent Steamers



Round 5:

Campbell Barrett - Cape Breton West Islanders, pick 75, Weeks Crushers

Dawson Peverelle - UPS Store South Shore Mustangs, pick 77, Miramichi Timberwolves

Chris Jordan - Weeks Majors, pick 78, Campbellton Tigers

Nolan Fletcher - Bage Valley Wildcats, pick 83, Valley Wildcats


Round 6:

Connor. MacPhee - Cole Harbour Wolfpack (Hunters), pick 86, Amherst Ramblers

Malcolm MacDonald - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush, pick 90, Truro Bearcats

Logan Foote - Halifax Macs, picks 92, Miramichi Timberwolves


Round7 : 

Jordan Rittenberg - Cole Harbour Wolfpack (Hunters), pick 98, Truro Bearcats

Ryan Vohra - Weeks Majors, pick 100, Miramichi Timberwolves

Gavin Sudds - Halifax Macs, pick 102, Fredericton Red Wings


Round 8:

Mitchell Gould - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush, pick 109, Valley Wildcats

Drew Muise - UPS Store South Shore Mustangs, pick 111, Campbellton Tigers

Ryan Sutherland - Weeks Majors, pick 113, Truro Bearcats

Rory Pilling - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush, pick 115, Weeks Crushers

Jake Poirier - Cape Breton West Islanders, pick 116, Miramichi Timberwolves 

Aaron Chipp - Halifax Macs, pick 117, Miramichi Timberwolves



Congratulations on your selections, and good luck!