41 NSU18MHL Players Selected in 2023 MHL Draft

41 NSU18MHL Players Selected in 2023 MHL Draft

41 NSU18MHL players were selected in the 2023 MHL Entry Draft. The draft took place June 15th, and was held virtually. Jack Hayne of the Cape Breton West Islanders was the first NS player taken in round 1, while the Steele Subarus had 8 players drafted, the most in the league.


Round 1:

Jack Hayne - Amherst Ramblers, 5th overall - Cape Breton West Islanders

Brady Burke - Campbellton Tigers, 8th overall - Cole Harbour Wolfpack

Logan Roop - Pictou Crushers, 10th overall - Weeks Majors



Round 2:

Luc Legere - Yarmouth Mariners, 15th overall - Halifax Macs

Luke Dooley - Pictou Crushers, 17th overall - Cole Harbour Wolfpack

Jack Brown - Campbellton Tigers, 20th overall - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush

Nolan Stevens - Truro Bearcats, 21st overall - Steele Subaru

Ben Lindsay - Pictou Crushers - 24th overall - Cole Harbour Wolfpack


Territorial 1:

Kingsley Austin - Pictou Crushers - Weeks Majors

Landon Ryan - Valley Wildcats - Valley Wildcats U18

Logan Quinn - Truro Bearcats - Weeks Majors

Dawson O’Connell - Yarmouth Mariners - South Shore Mustangs


Round 4:

Tyler Totten - Miramichi Timberwolves, 39th overall - Cole Harbour Wolfpack

Kenzie Wagner - Valley Wildcats, 42nd overall - Halifax Macs

Cohen Stoddard - Valley Wildcats, 43rd overall - South Shore Mustangs

Easton Schlender - Truro Bearcats, 45th overall - Halifax Macs


Territorial 2:

Aiden Bent - Valley Wildcats - Valley Wildcats U18

Wyatt Countway - Truro Bearcats - Steele Subaru

Sam Madgett - Pictou Crushers - Cole Harbour Wolfpack


Round 6:

Maddex Marmulak - Yarmouth Mariners, 64th overall - Halifax Macs

Braylan Fitzgerald - Pictou Crushers, 65th overall - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush

Jacob Rhyno - Valley Wildcats, 66th overall, - Steele Subaru

William Hartnell - Valley Wildcats, 70th overall - Valley Wildcats U18

Connor Foston - Edmundston Blizzard, 71st overall - Cole Harbour Wolfpack

Connor Malana - Yarmouth Mariners, 72nd overall - Steele Subaru


ROund 7:

Landon Garber - Yarmouth Mariners, 73rd overall - South Shore Mustangs

Brennan O’Donnell - Pictou Crushers, 77th overall - Cole Harbour Wolfpack


ROund 8:

Owen Conrad - Pictou Crushers, 89th overall - Weeks Majors

William Stonehouse - Fredericton Redwings, 96th overall - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush


Round 9:

Owen Chisholm - Pictou Crushers, 101st overall - Cape Breton West Islanders

Luke Foley - Valley Wildcats, 102nd overall - Valley Wildcats U18

Tucker Makinen - Truro Bearcats, 105th overall - Steele Subaru

Luke Sinclair - Edmundston Blizzard, 107th overall - Sydney Mitsubishi Rush

Lucien Doucette - Yarmouth Mariners, 108th overall - South Shore Mustangs


Round 10:

Liam Boltz - Truro Bearcats, 109th overall - Steele Subaru

Ben Manos - Yarmouth Mariners, 111th overall - Weeks Majors

Carter Davidson - Pictou Crushers, 112th overall - Steele Subaru

Luke Jardine - Valley Wildcats, 114th overall - Valley Wildcats U18

Briac Cameron - Summerside Western Capitals, 118th overall - Weeks Majors

Colby Brown - Campbellton Tigers, 119th overall - Weeks Majors

Max D’Arcy - Yarmouth Mariners, 120th overall - Steele Subaru


Congratulations to all players selected!