NSU18MHL Player/Team Commitment Letter

This letter represents the agreement between the U18 Major player and NSU18MHL team named below.
The player has committed to play for the named NSU18MHL Team and the NSU18MHL team has committed to provide one of its 20 playing positions to the player for the upcoming season.  Also, by signing this commitment the player agrees to this same NSU18MHL team holding his U18 Major rights in Nova Scotia for a minimum of 2 NSU18MHL seasons.  At the sole discretion of the NSU18MHL team, this player can be released by the NSU18MHL team anytime after the end of the upcoming hockey season or, at such time as when the player is released per section 6.6 or 6.8 of the League Policy Manual.
Commitment for the Playing Season:  _________________________
Committing Player Information:
Full Name        _________________________________________________________
Date of Birth   ___________________________________________________
Team Last Player For  _____________________________________________
Player Signature          _______________________________          Date    ________________
Parent Name   ___________________________________________________
Parent Signature         _______________________________          Date    ________________
NSU18MHL Team Information:
Team Name     ___________________________________________________
Team Representative  _____________________________________________
Team Rep Signature    _______________________________          Date    ________________
Note: This commitment is binding on both parties (player & team) once the fully completed form is received by the Secretary of the NSU18MHL.   This commitment does not preclude the player from playing at a higher level (Junior Hockey) in the upcoming season if the player is eligible to do so.