43 NSU18MHL Players Selected in MHL Entry Draft

43 NSU18MHL Players Selected in MHL Entry Draft

43 NSU18MHL players were selected in the 2022 MHL Entry Draft. This total equals the total from 2021. The Cole Harbour Wolfpack lead the way, with 11 players drafted, the most among the NS teams, but also the most for a single team in any league/division this season in Atlantic Canada.

The picks were as follows:

Jacob Sanford, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 1, 4th overall, Weeks Crushers.

Jake Beardsmore, Steele Subaru - Round 1, 5th overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Kyle MacIntyre, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 1, 6th overall, Campbellton Tigers.

Cole McPhee, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 2, 13th overall, Truro Bearcats.

Hudson Clarke, Sydney Rush - Round 2, 15th overall, Miramichi Timberwolves.

Ryland Skerry, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 2, 17th overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Jake Todd, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 2, 18th overall, Truro Bearcats.

Elliot Kavanaugh, Steele Subaru - Round 2, 20th overall, Amherst Ramblers.

Ben Robertson, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 2, 21st overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Clint MacLaughlin, Weeks Majors - Round 2, 22nd overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Riley Sampson, Cape Breton West Islanders - Round 2, 23rd overall, Weeks Crushers.

Jake Prince, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 3, 37th overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Goran Stobo, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 3, 39th overall, Amherst Ramblers.

Callum Aucoin, Halifax Macs - Round 3, 44th overall, Truro Bearcats.

Tristan LeBlanc, Steele Subaru - Round 3, 47th overall, Yarmouth Mariners.

Eric Halliday, Halifax Macs - Round 4, 66th overall, Truro Bearcats.

Darien Reynolds, Sydney Rush - Round 4, 72nd overall Amherst Ramblers.

Drew Mackinnon, Weeks Majors - Round 5, 75th overall Truro Bearcats.

Keegan O’Neil, Sydney Rush - Round 5, 79th overall, Amherst Ramblers.

Jack Mombourquette, Halifax Macs - Round 5, 81st overall, Fredericton Redwings.

Matthew Vohra, Weeks Majors - Round 5, 82nd overall, Campbellton Tigers.

Jacob Fletcher, Halifax Macs - Round 6, 90th overall, Truro Bearcats.

Nathan Mills, South Shore Mustangs - Round 6, 94th overall, Campbellton Tigers.

Dawson Laplante, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 6, 95th overall, Yarmouth Mariners.

Tyler Seymour, Sydney Rush - Round 7, 97th overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Kieran Sears, Weeks Majors - Round 7, 99th overall, Amherst Ramblers.

Jackson Hurley, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 7, 102nd overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Vincent Radford, Steele Subaru - Round 7, 107th overall, Yarmouth Mariners.

Campbell MacIntyre, Cape Breton West - Round 8, 109th overall, Amherst Ramblers.

Drew Wiliams, Weeks Majors - Round 8, 111th overall, Truro Bearcats.

Mac Wallace, Weeks Majors - Round 8, 112th overall, Weeks Crushers.

Evan Rose, Steele Subaru - Round 8 113th overall, Valley Wildcats.

Carter Graves, Valley Wildcats - Round 8, 116th overall, Valley Wildcats.

Reece Peitzsche, Cole Harbour Wolfpack - Round 8, 118th overall, Weeks Crushers.

Andrew Campbell, Sydney Rush - Round 8, 120th overall, Weeks Crushers.


Cade Moser, Weeks Majors - Territorial 1, 28th overall, Weeks Crushers.

Drew Lutz, Valley Wildcats - Territorial 1, 29th overall, Valley Wildcats.

Eli James, Weeks Majors - Territorial 1, 30th overall Truro Bearcats.

Jared Pitman, South Shore Mustangs - Territorial 1, 35th overall, Yarmouth Mariners.

Coen Miller, Cole Harbour Wolfpack, Territorial 2, 49th overall, South Shore Lumberjacks.

Dominic McKenzie, Weeks Majors - Territorial 2, 52nd overall, Weeks Crushers.

Jack McMinn, Halifax Macs - Territorial 2, 53rd overall, Valley Wildcats.

Sam Hope, South Shore Mustangs - Territorial 2, 59th overall, Yarmouth Mariners.

Congratulations to all players selected!